The right experience that your patient deserves

Patient Experience is a very cost effective way of creating trust and increasing referrals. Most treatment respond differently to differently people and as humans, the success rate may differ. Introducing the human element in your communication and process can help you connect with your patients better and in a more rewarding way.

Never miss to connect

Our reminder system helps you keep in touch with your patients regularly guiding you to make the most of it.

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Help them reach you

SMS/Emailer at each events through a patient journey with your organisation helps you to guide them to where you want and we help you do it flawlessly.

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Powerful and Simple

The application which makes managing patient interaction simple is easy to use and set up.

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Meet the new expectations

Patients now expect more than just quality healthcare service. Better informed than ever, they expect timely delivery of service, patient experience and transparency.

Reminder Software

Get creative snaps

Custom reminders to help you connect with your patients to win the trust and loyalty.

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Event Automation

Help you good start

From the registration to the after care instructions, automate all the communication.

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Routine Reminder

Give Better Look

Connect with your patients routinely to reduce no show and increase referrals while managing all the records seamlessly

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Task Insights

Help you start

Understand patterns and more with personalised reports, just the way you want it.

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Manage tasks and time

Promote project online

There are 1000 of tasks which may overlap with your routine activities. Manage time in the most frugal way.

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Referral Tracking

Fast & friendly

Your growth through referral is like a tree. See it in the most accessible way and reward loyal patients in a special way.

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Working process

  • Accumulate

    Whatever is done is done. We evaluate your records getting useful data from unstructured data.

  • Implement

    We customise our application to suit your practice needs helping you make the most of it.

  • Train

    Your internal team is trained to make the most of the application and learn how to make patient experience better.

  • Evaluate

    With the right reporting mechanisms, we help you improve the efficiency of your team and earn more referrals.



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