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Eat ! Don't Starve

No Fancy Food • No Exotic Products • No Detox

About the Programme Transformations
Weight Loss
Change that stubborn weighing scale number by shedding those unwanted extra kilos.
Better Metabolism
Allow your body to burn food more efficiently as fuel.
Improve nutrition
Feed your body with what it needs to perform at its best potential.
Get fitter
Improve your strength, stamina & energy levels.

About us

The biggest myth floating around us is “You gotta eat less in order to lose weight”. While the fact is one might even need to eat more to progress and break the plateau to lose weight.Yes, you heard it right.

To lose weight you need to eat in balance , as per your body’s needs which should count in your medical conditions, body tendency, weight, height, age, lifestyle, activity levels, digestive system.

Just like a good conversation requires both speaking and listening, good health means listening to what your body is telling you, and results will automatically follow.

And that's what we help you with, we as coaches understand your body and help you connect with it in a better way so that you can work around as per your individualistic aspects.

About the Programme


Don't believe us, here's what our clients say

" Every diet plan was explained so well...which includes almost everything that we usually have in our day-to-day routine, and still consistently reaching the health goals we set! "
"Not just a coach to me, she motivates and challenges in every steps. When I got back pain, she immediately changed my workout plan which helped me not only recover but also come back stronger to earlier workout!"
"My sleep cycle has never been better! Following the diet per plans and doing all the workouts, I feel more energy while still being able to sleep like a baby!"

How they got in their best self !

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Our Programme

Total Health Programme
You are not just eating to lose weight but to also fulfil your body’s nutrition requirements.

No Fancy Diets or Starving
Transformation through basic “GHAR KA KHANA” as it’s about sustaining a healthy lifestyle in long term and not short term results only.

Sustainable Fat Loss
Aim of the programme is to get you in your best shape along side developing good habits to make the lost weight sustainable for you.

Personalized Workout Plan
Along with science based meal plan and lifestyle modification coaching, we also guide you with your own personalised day wise exercise plan through videos on our app taking in account your current stamina levels and health conditions if any.
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